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Complete Allergy Immunotherapy Solution

For many allergy immunotherapy health care providers, the ease and convenience of outsourcing named patient treatment sets is preferable. Others compound preparations in-house. Whether you prefer to outsource or compound internally, Edge is your allergy immunotherapy partner.

Why Edge Pharma? As an FDA registered 503B Outsourcing Facility, a wholesale distributor, and an allergy software company, we offer health care providers a wide variety of products and services, including testing supplies and equipment, extracts for diagnostics and patient-specific treatment sets, easy outsourcing of SCIT and SLIT compounded treatment sets, and a streamlined software program which tracks patients as they progress through immunotherapy. We help your business thrive with great products, prompt and knowledgeable customer service, and support for USP 797 compliance.


We offer a wide range of allergenic extracts in bulk vials for use in skin test diagnosis, as well as immunotherapy treatment. Extracts are available for both Subcutaneous (SCIT) and Sublingual (SLIT) Immunotherapy. [more…]


A definitive diagnosis of allergies depends on the results of either skin or blood testing. Allergy testing services and supplies are available for allergists, ENTs, and other medical specialties. [more…]


We provide a complete line of products for allergy immunotherapy, such as sterile empty vials, prefilled diluent vials, metered dose bottles, vial trays and racks, mixing syringes, color snap-on caps, and much more.


Our vial labeling software is a dedicated labeling application for easily and efficiently producing patient-specific vial labels and stock inventory labels. We supply the software, labels, and technical support. [more…]


As an integral component of the complete immunotherapy solution, Edge provides the outsourcing option for clinics that decide not to compound allergy immunotherapy treatment sets and custom mixes in-house. [more…]


XTRACT Allergy Software comprises six integrated modules that organize your allergy clinic. We provide a cost effective way to ensure your practice is in full compliance with compounding regulations. [more…]

Creating Solutions That Really Matter

We organize and streamline your Allergy Immunotherapy practice to improve efficiency, compliance, and patient care. Call us today 802-497-0161

Allergy Treatment Set Outsourcing

The world class team of scientists, pharmacists, compounding technicians, engineers, and quality personnel make Edge Pharma the leader in compounded allergy treatment sets. As an FDA registered 503B Outsourcing Facility, Edge Pharma provides the outsourcing option for clinics that decide not to compound immunotherapy vials in-house. This is an integral component of our complete allergy immunotherapy solution.

With the new USP 797 requirements soon going into effect, clinics will now need to meet extensive facility, documentation, training, testing, and cleaning requirements. For many organizations this capital investment will be considerable, and ongoing costs associated with additional space and personnel may be difficult to justify. Edge Pharma offers a simple, affordable solution to this challenge. [Read More]

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