About Edge Pharma Allergy


Edge Pharma is an FDA registered 503B Outsourcing Facility that offers health care providers comprehensive allergy products and services at competitive prices. Why Edge Pharma? Because we offer practitioners a complete solution, including testing supplies, extracts for diagnosis, SCIT, and SLIT, easy outsourcing of compounded treatment vials, and a streamlined software program which tracks patients as they progress through allergy immunotherapy.

New USP 797 standards make in-office compounding more complicated and time consuming. Edge Pharma helps ensure regulatory compliance and patient safety. Our expert pharmacy staff specializes in preparing all kinds of immunotherapy formulations, utilizing a wide selection of extracts. In addition, we are an FDA-registered source for compounded allergy treatment sets.

If you are considering making a change, look to Edge Pharma as a complete allergy solution.

Orders are delivered to your office promptly, and all of our products are supported by friendly and responsive customer service. When you call Edge Pharma you will reach a knowledgeable professional who can help with any concerns or questions.

EDGE Pharma – FDA-registered 503B Outsourcing facility which specializes in compounding ready-to-administer patient specific immunotherapy treatment sets:

– Patient Specific allergy immunotherapy vials

– Custom Mix vials

Edge Pharmaceuticals – Distributor of a variety of critical products needed to build a compliant immunotherapy program including:

– Allergenic extracts in bulk vials for diagnostic testing and immunotherapy treatment

– Sterile vials and diluents

– Metered dose bottles

– Skin test diagnostic devices

– Sterilized trays, vial boxes, and vial racks

– Allergy vial labels

XTRACT Solutions – XTRACT is a complete allergy software package for managing all aspects of an allergy immunotherapy program. XTRACT Immunotherapy Software comprises six integrated modules that organize your allergy clinic:

– TEST module provides for easy tracking of diagnostic skin testing

– PRESCRIBE module aids formulation of allergy immunotherapy vials

– MIX module assists compounding of allergenic extracts in your clinic or hospital

– OUTSOURCE module makes ordering immunotherapy treatment sets quick and easy

– INJECT module sets treatment plans and dosing rules for safer, consistent treatment

– COMPLY module assists with USP 797 compounding compliance

In addition, XTRACT offers a dedicated labeling application for easily and efficiently producing patient-specific vial labels and stock inventory labels.

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