Allergy Immunotherapy Practice Management

Edge Pharma’s comprehensive allergy solution organizes your practice from a patient’s first visit through testing, prescribing, and implementation of immunotherapy treatment. Whether you have been practicing immunotherapy for years or are looking to start an allergy practice, Edge is your answer for safe, efficient, streamlined patient care, in full compliance with the new USP 797 standards. Let Edge Pharma be your allergy partner.

How Our Allergy Solution Works

  • Patient is tested, and results of skin tests are digitized, with prescriptions based on the physician’s formula. Patient treatment sets are created and assembled in vials with bar-coded labels, individualized for each patient.
  • For offices and hospitals compounding in-house, Edge provides extracts and compounding supplies, streamling the compounding process and improving USP 797 compliance.
  • Edge provides a designated kiosk where patients log in with either a card or a phone number and pin. Patients complete their pre-appointment questionnaire at the kiosk, which is more efficient for both them and staff.
  • Xtract Immunotherapy Software tracks patients’ progress throughout therapy, and, in the event of a missed shot appointment, calculates the correct dosage for subsequent appointments per the protocol established by the physician.
  • Patients are reminded via text of upcoming appointments.
  • The software system manages the inventory of the practice, alerting the office when an extract supply is low or an expiration date is approaching.