Edge provides supplemental materials for the allergy practice, including vial label sheets, color coded vial caps, compartment boxes for SCIT, and vinyl pouches for supplies.

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PlaceholderDilution Label Sheet, eaLabel sheet - antigen specific coloTop Red labels, eaRegister to accessRegister
PlaceholderPatient Label Roll, 1,000/rollLabel roll - 1.625" x 1" - 1,000/rollRegister to accessRegister
PlaceholderPlastic Slit Bottle Caps, 100/pkWith phenolic seal, 100/pkRegister to accessRegister
PlaceholderPlastic Vial Caps, 25/pk20mm overcap, 25/pkRegister to accessRegister
PlaceholderSix Compartment Box For SCIT, 100/pkSix Compartment Box for SCIT, 100/pkRegister to accessRegister
PlaceholderSkin Test Reaction Guide, 100/pkWheal Measuring Paper Rulers, 100/pkRegister to accessRegister
PlaceholderVinyl Pouches, 100/pkTop Blue Vinyl Pouches, 100/pkRegister to accessRegister
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